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John Heintz

John Heintz is an innovation expert, Agile/Lean development expert, published author, and international speaker and consultant. In 2016, he co-founded Aptage, an exciting and innovative company that provides sophisticated, yet simple to use decision-support tools for managing innovation and development in the face of uncertainty.
John’s technical background and expertise combined with his drive for finding solutions have enabled him to successfully provide unique technical leadership and intuitive organizational management consulting to numerous industries.
John is the founder and President of Gist Labs, as well as a Senior Consultant with Cutter Consortium’s Agile Project & Product Management Practice.
John began his career as a technologist and developer, focusing on rational solutions that leverage simplicity. Having practiced Agile since 1999, his approach to systems and team building emerged while leading his first Scrum team, practicing XP, and learning test-driven development. He has consulted with clients on various engagements, including for enterprise architecture, development practices, XP and Scrum leadership, lean value stream mapping, and RESTful/messaging architecture. He is a regular speaker at industry events, including No Fluff Just Stuff (NFJS), Architecture and Design World, Dallas JavaMUG, and Agile Austin.
John holds a BS in electrical engineering from the University of Michigan.